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Studio f:22 by Ricardo Rocha / Ericeira Portugal – English Version

“Ericeira, onde o mar é mais azul…”


Ericeira is an ancient and picturesque tourist town located 35 km north-west of the Centre of Lisbon, 18 km from Sintra and Mafra 8 km


Very old village, presumably passing location and installation of the Phoenicians.

Legend has it that the name Ericeira derives from Ouriceira, at the source, “land of Hedgehogs “, due to the numerous sea urchins that abounded on its beaches. However, more recent investigations indicate the Hedgehog-clerk and not the sea as inspiring the name. With the discovery of a copy of the old coat of arms of the village, today in the archive-Museum of Mesericórdia, it was confirmed that the animal there designed is in fact a hedgehog.

The history of Ericeira dates back to about 1000 BC. The your first Charter dating from 1229, granted by the then Grand Master of the order of Aviz, Dom Frei Fernão Rodrigues Monteiro, which created the Municipality of Ericeira.

New letters of venue granted by D. Afonso IV in 1369, and by King Manuel I in 1513, came from the village nobilitar, District Council donated the same d. Manuel to the infante d. Luis and by this to his natural son António, prior of Crato, strong opponent into the Royal power by Philip II of Spain. In 1589, in Strong Milreu, d. António made a plot attempted landing of troops in order to seize power.

In 1855, following an administrative reorganization of the territory, Ericeira is no longer County to be dependent of Mafra, municipal headquarters to this day.

Ericeira met in the 19th century, the Golden era, it’s huge increase, as was the busiest port of the Extremadura, with customs, where was the supply of nearly the entire province. The departure into exile of the Portuguese royal family, episode that marks the end of the national monarchy, will always make of Ericeira port one of the most dramatic of the geography of the municipality of Mafra.

The former commercial importance has today remarkable correspondent tourist movement, resulting from the situation and privileged climate that boasts.

Tourism plays a key role in the life and economy of Ericeira. Being the only world surfing reserve in Europe, the local is known worldwide by the conditions ideal for surfing and bodyboarding, in particular in the 4 km that make up the reserve. In recent years there has been increased support facilities to practice these sports, since training centres, hostels for surfers, among other types of infrastructure.

Ericeira is the first surfing reserve in Europe and the second in the world, officially recognized in October 2011 for the American organization Save the Waves Coalition, which highlights the excellence of natural features offered for the practice of sport.

The Surf world Reserve located in Ericeira is part of the municipality of Mafra, extending between the beaches of Empa and São Lourenço, a coastal strip which concentrates seven world class waves within just 4 km: Pedra Branca, Reef, Ribeira d’ilhas, Cave, Crazy Left, Coxos and São Lourenço.

The criteria which led to it’s official recognition were the quality and consistency of the waves, the importance of the history and culture of surfing local, wealth and environmental sensitivity of the area and the support of the local community. And aims to ensure the protection of natural resources.

After Malibu (USA), Ericeira is the second area to be distinguished as World Surfing Reserve. Followed by Manly Beach (Australia), Santa Cruz (USA), Huanchaco (Peru), Bahia Todos Santos (Mexico), Gold Coast (Australia), Punta de Lobos (Chile) and Guarda do Embaú (Brazil). To this day remains the only in Europe

Ribeira d’ilhas beach is where We Surf is headquartered and is where, in October 2011, the symbolic ceremony of consecration of Ericeira as World Surfing Reserve.

The village benefits from the proximity to the city of Lisbon and also the construction of the motorway A21, being the ideal place for thousands of people who live in the capital and surrounding areas, spend the weekend, taking advantage of the excellent local gastronomy and the tranquility of the picturesque village and flee the always full beaches of Costa da Caparica and the Cascais line.

The Sumol Summer Fest, reggae music’s biggest event in the country, takes place every year at Ericeira Camping in June, bringing thousands of people, mostly young, Ericeira


Places of interest:


Party and Festivals:


What to do:

  • In Ericeira you will never miss what to do, since the watersports such as surfing, Bodyboarding, windsurf, kitsurf, brings together the best conditions for the practice of these sports.
  • Excellent beaches for sunbathers, clean beaches, clean waters no pollution as well as good infrastructure, and the distinctive and lasting Tan due to high levels of iodine.
  • Incredible scenery, venture into the region walk for its beaches and cliffs, where there are several strongs and monuments of historical interest, note the unique flora and fauna of this place. There are organized tours by cliffs that travel the world surfing reserves are organized by various entities and sites that promote online, browse the net.
  • Visit the village with their homes and features numerous sites of historical interest and their chapels, the pelourinho, the building of the square of the Republic.
  • Also be sure to visit the agricultural region in the surrounding areas, the country side is one of the leading providers of markets in Lisbon, plus beautiful scenerys there are places of historical interest such as the ancient forts in the lines of Torres Vedras. There are several hiking trails marked.
  • And of course you can’t just walk around and enjoy without food, in Ericeira cannot fail to experience the excellent cuisine, especially fish and seafood always fresh, of course, being a tourist area there are also good options on any kind of food.
  • In the evening or night enjoy the numerous bars and visit the club Ouriço founded in 1960 is one of the oldest in Portugal.

Having all the necessary support structures, hostels, guesthouses, apartments and hotels for all tastes and wallets, excellent gastronomy, nightlife, beaches with excellent accessibility, facilities for people with disabilities, Ericeira is a destination of choice as a holiday area. You won’t regret it.


Junta de Freguesia Ericeira
Largo do Pelourinho, Nº 2,
2655-330 ERICEIRA
Tel: 261 862982
Fax: 261 866159

Câmara Municipal de Mafra
Praça do Município  2644-001 Mafra

Tel: 261 810 100
Fax: 261 810 130

geral@cm-mafra.pt(link sends e-mail)

Posto de Turismo da Ericeira
Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay, 46 2655-370 Ericeira
Telefone:+351 261 863 122
Fax:+351 261 864 136


Vila Galé Ericeira ★ ★ ★ ★Largo dos Navegantes
2655-320 Ericeira
PORTUGALTELEFONE (+351) 261 869 900


Villa Ana Margarida+351 962 707 309

Parque de Campismo de Mil Regos

Estrada Nacional 247, KM 49,4 2655-319 Ericeira

Tel.: (+351) 261 862 706 / (+351) 261 862 513
Fax: (+351) 261 866 798



Restaurante Terra Mar

Estrada nacional 247 | RibamarEriceira 2640-027, Portugal

+351 261 865 924
Golfinho Azul
R. das Ribas | São LourençoEriceira 2640-254, Portugal
+351 261 862 945
O Lebre Escondidinho
Rua da Misericórdia Nº 3Ericeira 2655-312, Portugal
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