}); Studiof22 | Studio f:22 by Ricardo Rocha A walk in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park part 2 English version

Studio f:22 by Ricardo Rocha A walk in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park part 2 English version

With the tourist’s high demand for Portugal and the increased need for high quality pictures, we began a serie of journeys to document the natural beauty of the country.

Continuing our walk, for the people who didn´t see the link is here, with almost no time to catch the golden hour we start our travel back to Guincho.

Guincho beach is a Portuguese beach  at Cascais municipality, about 8km from Cascais center. It´s in the atlantic coast is very windy and ideal for surf and windsurf.

It has a complex sand structure in constant mutation. Well equiped has an extense stretch of sand (splitted between Guincho Norte and Guincho Muchaxo) and in the background has Sintra Moutain and the Cabo da Roca. The sea is restless and dangerous.

Arriving at Guincho beach the light was almost near the point we want. We have arrived in time. With easy to appreciate the local we began our walk, allways with the tripod in our back, it totally worthed instead of the wind and cold.

With the light passing bye and with that nice stormy clouds that are gorgeous on pictures we decided to wait for the sunset in hope that will set a nice orange tone with that stormy clouds. 45 minutes latter… good thing we bring a few sandwichs. Don´t forget to bring a plastic bag to grab your trash. Live the places always like they are when you arrived. Walk by the already existing paths. Remenber: if you don´t protect the places you like, soon there will be nothing there for you to return back.

Continue with our photographic journey, after 45m with a hell wind and cold we come to the conclusion that there will not be a sunset. Photography is just that sometimes is waiting, waiting a little more and go back home with nothing just to come another day and try again. But today it totally worthed.

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