}); Studiof22 | Studio f:22 by Ricardo Rocha A walk at Sintra-Cascais Natural Park part 1 English version

Studio f:22 by Ricardo Rocha A walk at Sintra-Cascais Natural Park part 1 English version

With the tourist’s high demand for Portugal and the increased need for high quality pictures, we began a serie of journeys to document the natural beauty of the country.

We decided to went to Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, a privileged area for tourism and leisure. It cover´s a area of 14.583 hectares at Sintra and Cascais municipalities. It is a protected area and you must follow the rules of ICNF, that you can see in.  http://www.icnf.pt/portal/turnatur/resource/docs/ap/codigos/codig-condut

So in a saturday afternoon after a raining morning we began our travel by the EN247 passing by Guincho beach. The idea is to went to Sister’s Rocks( Pedras Irmãs), pass by Peninha and return to Guincho by 17.45h when the light was ideal. The Sun Locator app for android is a must have you only have to go to the place you want in the map and it show to you the direction of the light and the hours of the better light, it have golden hour, blue, sunrise and sunset, among others. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.genewarrior.sunlocator.lite&hl=pt_PT

We arrived at the Sister’s Rocks (Pedras Irmãs), the Sister’s Rocks are many granite blocks of different sizes and shapes in Sintra Mountain. They are located inside the woods near  Peninha Sanctuary, this is place of great beauty and is a must go if you haven´t been there already. There are a area for meals that invites you to lie-down.

Armed with our gear, the tripod is essential and a nice wheight for doing exercise in our walks, we start our photographic journey. The light was good, the sun has appeared after the rain. Finally show some blue areas, while mantain that nice stormy clouds the green still wet what makes it to bulge out, wich grant´s the place that idyllic look.

Of course we stay longer than expected and when we see the hours it´s time to went to Guincho or we will miss that nice light we where waiting for. So the Peninha Sanctuary has to stay for another day.

Continues in another post.

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